When they say lift with your knees- not your back....

They really mean it :( I have really bad knees and have gotten into a horrible habit of lifting with my back. DH is always warning me that it's going to come back to haunt me and it totally did.

Last Wednesday I really really hurt my lower back. So much so that I haven't done a single non essential thing since then. DH has been an absolute angel, doing the dishes, making sure I don't do anything stupid like carry laundry etc.

I did go scrap Sat with the usual gang and as always I had a really good time. I was working on a new mini album and its really far out of my comfort zone so I bitched a good portion of the time that I wasn't feeling it. (thanks to all of the gals for putting up with my whining!)

But now I am really liking the way it's coming along. Here is a total rough unfinished look at the cover so far.

I also have 3 Get Meaningful lessons to post. So hopefully I will be all caught up by the end of this week. God I hate being incapacitated!

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