Valentines Day Weekend Bonanza

Ok so somehow this years Valentines day turned into a 3 day celebration which was really nice.

Friday My DH totally shocked me by having roses delivered. Ive never gotten flowers at work and the sentiment inside was from one of my favorite ee cummings poems.

Then we went out to dinner. Nothing fancy just TGIFridays but the food was super good and the service amazing.

Saturday we exchanged cards and I made peach cobbler for desert. Not perfect but very tasty none the less. Oh and we totally upgraded several components on my PC. I got an extra gig of memory and a brand new video card. I can't believe what a difference it made!

And sunday we grilled steaks and lounged about and watched TV together. It was just the perfect weekend. Here are some pics of the flowers I got

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  1. lauraC Says:

    Ohhh, those are very pretty. Sounds like DH did a good job!