Been scrappin

I actually got a ton done 2 weeks ago and wanted to take a moment to post. Totally inspired by all the amazing challenges that were part of the Fun in the Sun crop at Creative Soup.

It felt so good to get in my studio and really work. i haven't scrapped like this in a long time and I was actually really happy with the way they turned out. I'm getting better about layering and using stuff vs just hoarding it! And not stressing about journaling if I don't feel the layout needs it.

(ignore the missing R in Flower. i didn't notice it had fallen off till after I took the pic) Im going to journal about my relationship with my mom and how it has grown over the years but its sort of personal .

Welcome to the last stop on the Blog Hop!!!

Welcome to the Creative Soup "Fun in the Sun" Crop and Blog Hop. We all decided to get together and have blog hop with a twist! Each member will have a part of a recipe to make a layout. Go around to each of the blogs in the hop, and you'll have all the instructions for a great challenge! Put at least 6 of the recipe elements on a layout/project, and link it back to the challenge thread here .

My recipe element is to use yellow (or orange) as your main color from the 6.20 Mojo Monday Challenge- Fashion Trends. Look at the fabulous bright perfect for summer citrus colors!! . Take a look at Jenifer's layout, for a great example of this.

Here is the list of participants in the hop and links to their blogs. If you started with Bree's blog you are done! If not you can see the list bellow and see if you missed anybody!

So if you are done - go ahead and start creating. So many awesome elements to choose from!

And Don't forget to post back to the original thread!



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Get Ready For the Fun in the Sun Crop!

Creative Soup is having a week long crop and a blog hop tomorrow that kicks off at noon! Tons of fun challenges to get those creative juices flowing! So I hope you all can stop by!

(I was a dork and totally forgot to take sneak peeks of my projects. doh!)

The big Round up

I realy have a love hate relationship with this blog. I get super excited about it then i get bored or resent feeling like I HAVE to post.

So here is a quick recap of the last :gulp: 3 months.

The big thing is I went on a tour of the Pacific North West and fell head over heels in love with the place. If I could I would move to Portland tomorrow. (I also loved Seattle, and the coasts too). Something about this place just totally resonated with me.

And I didn't just randomly go. I went specifically to attend BlytheCon 2011. I had an absolutely amazing time and spent most of the trip hanging out with Melissa and having an absolute blast getting to know people I had only talked to online. And the dolls. the dolls, dolls, dolls!!! It was overwhelming and fun and exhausting all at the same time. I scored my first ET helmet and met Ruth who was an absolute delight. I met Roz who did one of the classiest things Ive ever seen and stepped back from bidding against me so I could buy my first Sammy Doe. I got to hang out with so many fun people in line before BC and during the event!

And I loved it so much Im planning the next one! Yep Im nuts. Luckily I have tons of help from Erica and Morgan. We are doing it in Dallas at the fabulous Gaylor Texan. It was a HUGE amount of work to get it up and running but we are doing really well and have close to 90 registrants and are just under a year out! Not too shabby! Oh and Lirije did the most amazing logo for us! Maybe if I get skinny enough I can wear a matching outfit!

Oh and I have been scrapping some. Not very much as things have been sort of weird and hectic. Here a re the last couple of layouts I have done:

Next on the horizon: A Blog hop this weekend, more crocheting, more dolling, and soon oh so very soon a trip to see my growing family!! (and maybe some more blogging)