3.28 Mojo Monday Get Crafty - Irish Proverbs

This weeks Mojo Monday Challenge at Creative Soup is to use an Irish Proverb as part of your layout. As soon as I came across this proverb "Two Shorten the Road" I knew just what i wanted to do- My race with T of course!!!

Im also trying very very hard to use older product on my pages instead of only using my new stuff. I have SOOO much stuff that I just feel super guilty about it just sitting there. Several of the papers I used on this project are from 2005. (I know I know! Bad paper hoarder!!!)

So here is my project (And don't forget to check out the other amazing Creative Team projects HERE)

Wordless Wednesday

Some of my Projects from the Weekend

I haven't finished photographing them all (and some of them I can't show yet because they are design team stuff) but here are some of the layouts I got done during my scrappy weekend.

Ill post the rest sometime later this week!

3.21 Mojo Monday Get Inspired by Architecture!

Today's Mojo Monday at Creative Soup features Architecture!

Architecture is all around us. For March's Get Inspired challenge, I'd like us to take a deeper look at the ways in which we can incorporate architectural ideas into our projects.

- Look at photos of great architecture. Use similar design elements in your project.
- There are lots of architecturally inspired products out there, chipboard windows, house mini albums, blueprint paper
- Scrap about your dream design house

I LOVE LOVE LOVE the mid century modern look. If I had $$$$ (even $) I would live on craigs list and thrift stores hunting done mod goodness for the house. I love the clean lines, the color, palette, the extensive use of wood. I just love all of it (even shag carpet)

So here is my layout based on my layout showcasing my love:

The chimney is made by tearing washi tape into little pieces and layering them. Since the tape is semi-transparent you can achieve the look of mortar just by overlapping pieces.

Im really in love with the way this turned out. Just artsy enough, I created a new technique, and got to scrap about one of my favorite topics. Perfect synergy.

Best Scrapbooking Week Ever.

I have spent most of the week working on new projects and finishing up a ton of old layouts that needed that last little bit of work.

It felt so so good! Ive been feeling really down and haven't had much time for me and the down-ness has robbed me of my mojo too. Its been taking me forever to get a layout done. Usually I just sit and push paper around not getting anything done.

wow. what a difference this weekend. The more I worked on my projects the easier it got. Then I kicked it into hyper gear. My total as of last night 15 layouts!!!!! It felt so good to get a ton of projects completed. I had a bunch of layouts from crops that needed extra embellishments or paint or journaling so I dug them all out and finished almost the whole stack. I also have a bunch of new projects I needed to get done of Project Memorabilia and my Creative Soup design team projects. Im feeling super positive about the work Ive done too. I usually am my worst critic but I really tried to relax and just enjoy the process. And I think it made my work better.

Oh and to top it off Jess came over on Saturday and we spent the prettiest day we have had scrapping in my basement. lol. It was nice to spend time together. I haven't seen her in a while and to cap the evening off we wen out to dinner with Jess' friend from work to a "upscale" Cuban place in midtown. The foor was just average but the mojitos and company were excellent! I really liked Ellen and now that Jess has told me shes going to teach me how to knit I hope to see more of her (She and Jess go to a knitting group right by my house)

Anyways it was a super creative, restful, soul recharging sort of weekend. Just what the Dr ordered!

Wordless Wednessday


Whats in a number? A measure of success. A milestone. The end of a journey and the beginning of a new one. A testament to good friends. 3.1 miles. A huge accomplishment. A number witnessed and cheered on by one very sleepy but supportive DH. Winning. Pride.

All of that in those 4 digits.

If you had told me a year ago I would be racing (wogging) in a 5K I would have thought you were crazy. But with the support of friends in person and online and the unending encouragement of Tess, she and I crossed the finished line together this past Sunday (and we did it at a run!)

It took a fair amount of hard work on my part and I was waylaid by a host of problems (medical, emotional and other) so I wasn't sure I would even be able to do it. I had set a goal in my head of finishing in under 45 minutes. Even 2 weeks ago it seemed impossible as I was only on week 5 of my couch to 5K program I started in November (yes I realize that puts me 2+ months behind schedule).

Even during the race I had problems. I had been sick with a sinus infection most of the week before the race and couldn't train and then fighting to climb up this giant hill something happened to my lungs. They just stopped allowing me to get a breath in past the top of my chest. And so I had to slow way down. and T right at my side allowed me to set the pace and even take a hit or 2 of her inhaler (which was a huge help!)

But I did it.

We did it.

T and I.

It wasn't pretty on my end but I finished. And beat my goal time.

Now I am looking forward to continuing my training and finding another race to run maybe in May. T has grander ambitions of running the Peachtree (a 10K) and I will be there at the end of it to cheer her on.

And next year Im doing this one again in a kilt (and I will remember to put on sunscreen!)

3.14 Mojo Monday - Get Sketchy

This week's MM is a fabulous sketch from Sketchy Thursdays. If you are a fan of sketches or looking for new inspiration please be sure to give them a visit, leave a comment, and let them know you heard about it from Creative Soup! (link is above)

The sketch:

and my take on it

Thats me and my adorable nephew Noah! He is such a total sweetheart!

3.7 Mojo Monday - Get Meaningful STRESS!!

Ive been really bad about not posting my design team work for creative soup so March starts a new month (Hush! I realize we are almost halfway through it!)

I am hosting a challenge the first monday of every month on Creative Soup as part of our Mojo Monday inspiration. Each and every monday we bring you an awesome piece of inspiration to get your creative mojo going!

For March our topic is stress!

This crazy whirlwind we call life often comes with it's fair share of stress: Stress from work, stress from family, stress from our selves etc...

For this month's challenge I want you to document how you deal with stress. Do you meditate, have a quiet spot to go think, play a video game, eat, shop etc..? We all have different coping mechanisms, some healthy others not so much. Does your method change with the stress you are feeling (or the person causing it?)

Create a layout on your stress management. Why it works (or doesn't) How you came across it, how it makes you feel etc. Document and write journaling of at least 40 words to complete this challenge.

I did mine on how much I love playing with my Blythe dolls when I get stressed (and yes i realize I have a ton of them!) But I really do get so much joy from them and the people I have met through this community that it makes it all worth while!