3.7 Mojo Monday - Get Meaningful STRESS!!

Ive been really bad about not posting my design team work for creative soup so March starts a new month (Hush! I realize we are almost halfway through it!)

I am hosting a challenge the first monday of every month on Creative Soup as part of our Mojo Monday inspiration. Each and every monday we bring you an awesome piece of inspiration to get your creative mojo going!

For March our topic is stress!

This crazy whirlwind we call life often comes with it's fair share of stress: Stress from work, stress from family, stress from our selves etc...

For this month's challenge I want you to document how you deal with stress. Do you meditate, have a quiet spot to go think, play a video game, eat, shop etc..? We all have different coping mechanisms, some healthy others not so much. Does your method change with the stress you are feeling (or the person causing it?)

Create a layout on your stress management. Why it works (or doesn't) How you came across it, how it makes you feel etc. Document and write journaling of at least 40 words to complete this challenge.

I did mine on how much I love playing with my Blythe dolls when I get stressed (and yes i realize I have a ton of them!) But I really do get so much joy from them and the people I have met through this community that it makes it all worth while!

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