Dolly Downsizing

When I first started Blythe I thought for sure I only wanted one girl- a mini me for photography. But the minute Sam arrived I was smitten and knew she needed a sister. Then I wanted a rainbow of girls. Then I discovered amazing customizers like Lirije, Frankie, Kate, Tiina, Lynne, Morgan etc... And my family grew and grew and grew.  Ive owned a total of 54 Blythes. i think my most at any given time was 45.

Ive been slowly downsizing as it just got too overwhelming. I suffer from depression and my DH has chronic health issues and it leaves me with very little dolly time. Ive been feeling really guilty that the girls don't get the love they deserve as they are all super special. The more Ive sold the harder it gets to let my girls go. I think I want to wind up with 14. Maybe 10 if I get super brave.

Im tired of loosing fees on ebay so I am listing them for sale here. I have listed starting points and am taking offers on them until Monday July 9th. I will update this post with the current offer. All girls will come in an outfit of my choosing securely packed. Shipping is $15 in the US and $45 for EMS shipping overseas. I am open to layaways with $100 non refundable deposit with pretty flexible terms of up to 60 days. All payments via papal. I do take echecks but wont ship until payment clears.

I might just might be tempted into trading for a happibug, vanilladolly or maybe a hola gaminola. I am also looking for a Mimsy Bueno hat and an ET helmet in black, yellow, red or gray.

you can see more pics of all of them on my Flickr stream

To make an offer please email me at mara at

So with that said here we go:

This is Bilbo a Tiina custom Simply Bubble Boom FBL. She has a couple of flaws: Her eye mech is broken and you have to roll her eyess by hand. Also her blush has some rubbed spots. Tiina told me she would be willing to fix her up in the fall when she gets back from holiday. Starting offer $500

Here is Nica. She is a citron rouge glass eye custom. She does not have a regular eye mech it has been removed and replaced with glass eyes. You can not change them. Because of the type of putty used it caused her face plate to crack. I think it gives her an adorable porcelain doll look. If you would like a close up of the cracks let me know and I can send them to you. She comes on a licca body. Starting offer $350

Next up is Elly my citron rouge clown custom. She is a Mrs Retro Mama with gorgeous clown face up done in primary blues and reds with the cutest little pout and 4 new sets of eyechips. She has sleep eyes as well. Really one of the cutest clowns ever! Starting offer $450

Milo is a Bud Loves Sissy custom Hollywood BL with a sleeping elf yellow mohair wig. The wig is not perfect as it is a size to small and has been slit up the back to make it fit her. This is totally undetectable when taking pictures of her from the front. She has 4 new sets of eyechips and of course is on her licca bl body. Starting offer $400

Rian is my Effluo custom dragon girl. She is a PD Amaryllis with dragon scale eyelids and eye makeup and 2 sets of custom glitter Zombuki eye chips. Rian has just a smattering of freckles to add to her cuteness. She is just stunning in person. So vibrant and completely unique! She is also on a licca body. Starting offer $475

Bindy is my tiina custom cloud girl. She has a mohair reroot done by Moofala in multip shades of light blue. She is a EBL on a licca body (my best guess is VCB). She has Kawaii cloud artwork on her lids and 4 sets of cool cat chips. she has sleep eyes. She has the cutest little lips. Starting offer $600

Cadi is a tiina custom with beautiful rainbow lids and matching rainbow eyes. She is a custom FBL Paris with adorable freckles and pout. Starting Offer $700

ahh Nicca. I probably shouldn't let her go but she is totally ignored here. She is a Frara DAL with the most gorgeous face-up from Tiina. If she doesn't sell I will be happy to keep her here. Starting Offer $500

Miles is a jerry berry sleepy penny #09 with a cute red wig. I love her pose-ability and that she fits into some Blythe clothes but I am just not bonding with her. She will come with her extra hands. Starting Offer $175

Doyle is a stock DAL Tezca with a tiny hair trim. Im asking $65 for her.

Bonnie is a Pukifee custom Bonnie with adorable freckles. She will come with her green eyes and red mohair wig. I am asking $280 for her.

Two susie sad eye girls. I just got them and realized they are not for me. Asking $75 for both or $40 each.

So there you have it. The girls up right now. In the maybe column- Dale, Finn, Tilly, Quelle (who is at Morgan's getting a new faceup)