WTG - 12 Imperfect

Sorry this is so late. The challenge posted while I was on vacation and I totally forgot to add it to my blog when I got back. Check out the other amazing layouts the DT did HERE.

Another great prompt this week!
None of us are perfect. We all have traits or habits were are less than proud of - things that we do that we try to stop doing or cringe to look back on! Document something about you that you sometimes wish you could change, big or small.

TILT 3 Things i Love Thursday ( ok so Im a day late posting)

I did actually have the mosaic up and posted to the Flickr group on time!
This week I chose Teal (the color) as the thing I love. Lately I have just found myself drawn to this color and am seriously debating painting my studio this color. Its just such a great color!

TILT 2 Things I Love Thursday

I found this cool Meme on Flickr (The first one I did was Owls and you can see it below). I thought I would try to keep the trend of adding Blythe in the middle photo.

So here for this week is my Things I Love Thursday...GNOMES!!!

And TILT 1 Owls