Stampin Up Retiring List Winter 2008

It's that time of year when we have to say goodbye to some stamps to make room for new ones! Here is the Stampin Up retiring and dormant list for Winter 2008. They are available only until Jan 18. Order now to take advantage of my 15% off sale now through Dec 31.

Stickles Storage- more info

The Stickles are attached to the sides of the storage unit using velcro strips. I stuck the prickly side to the unit itself then cut each soft strip into thirds and attached them to each individual bottle.

Easy Peasy.

I'm Back!

So I got totally slack the last month. Sue me. I'll post birthday pics and Halloween pics and Thanksgiving pics (wow I really totally dropped the blogging ball huh?) this week. But now for my moment of storage genius!

I have been looking for a wooden spinning storage rack for my ink pads so I don't need to dig through a steralite drawer every time I needed one. The problem they are super expensive and because they are huge and wood they cost an additional fortune to ship! And you know me I am cheap cheap cheap! So when I found a seller on ebay with a free shipping offer AND I could take advantage of Microsoft's 30% cash back offer I jumped on the deal.

My unit arrived super fast and it is beautifully crafted. I highly recommend these to anyone!

Of course the first thing I set out to do was to decorate it. There are these empty spaces on each side and I had visions of hamblee mod tree rubons and decoupaged birds but then a light bulb went off. I could actually make USE of that space!!!

I had seen this great storage idea for stickles on 2Peas and realized it would work perfectly on the empty space on my spinning rack. I was originally going to build a framed display for them but I don't have a lot of spare desk space. Using space on something I am keeping right at hand was just perfect!

So here it is - My storage genius moment for the month.