Monday Daybook Jan 18 2010

FOR TODAY… January 18 2010
Outside my window…
Sunny and warm. Almost 60 today!

I am thinking…
about exercise and healthy eating
I am thankful for…
being safe, having my house still standing and not being in the middle of a disaster zone.

I am wearing...
Black sweater with blouse, jeans and black half boots.
I am remembering…
All of the brave people who have fought for equality
I am going…
to have to do some grocery shopping for more healthy food.
I am currently reading… The Girl with the dragon tattoo.
I am hoping…
My weight loss continues and I keep building healthy habits.

On my mind…
The millions of people suffering in Haiti.

Noticing that…
I don't have to eat if Im not hungry!
Pondering …
How best to ask my boss if I can leave early on Tuesdays so I can Zumba.

From the kitchen… Broccoli and a lean cuisine dinner.
Around the house… Labor ready came Saturday so it's all nice and clean.
One of my favorite things… Spark People

Who's That Girl Blog Hop & First Challenge.

First welcome to my blog and thank you for joining me on the journey of documenting Who's That Girl. I am honored to be part of this super great design team and can't wait to get a chance to know all of you playing along through your pages! For those of you playing along with our blog hop I am offering some blog candy for one person chosen at random who finishes the blog hop. First you must post a comment on my page and then on the Who's That Girl blog. Ive got a stash to rival most scrapbook stores so it will be pretty generous (I love sending RAKs!) If you got here by some other method and want to play along here are the links in order:)
Who's That Girl:

The first challenge is a take on Ali Edward's idea of One Little Word concept. Instead of picking a word for the year we were to chose one word to describe us!
I really thought about this one as there were so many that came to mind: sarcastic, natural, loyal, stubborn, playful etc... I finally decided on GEEK. It somehow just fit my mood and where I am right now. Here is the dictionary definition of GEEK: The word geek is a slang term, noting individuals as "a peculiar or otherwise odd person, especially one who is perceived to be overly obsessed with one or more things including those of intellectuality, electronics, etc." That's me. Well a good part of me. I play with Blythe dolls, I obsessively collect scrap crap, I love video games like Diablo II and World of Warcraft, I am pretty much constantly on a computer and am addicted to my itouch, I am in love with the TV show Big Bang Theory (it doesn't hurt that I married a physicist), and all sorts of other geekiness (like playing with legos). So this year I am embracing my inner geek and telling her to step forth because the stuff she loves brings me a lot of joy! For my layout I wanted to try doing it digitally to go along with the whole geek theme. Here is my first ever Digi layout (I did cheat a little and use an Ali Edwards template) So I hope you will leave me a comment and hop on over to Cindy's blog to see what she came up with :) Cindy:

Who's That Girl Blog Hop

Monday Daybook

FOR TODAY… January 11 2010
Outside my window…
Starting to get dark still really cold.

I am thinking…
about various scrap projects I have floating around in my head- My looking back journal, a gift for baby Cooper and a monthly album for 2010.

I am thankful for…
having friends who share a hobby. I always have such a good time cropping together. I really realy need to do more of it this year!

I am wearing...
purple wool sweater, black mock turtle neck and jeans.

I am remembering…
that I need to stop by Best Buy and return DH’s present

I am going…
to ride my 4 miles tonight even f its 11pm.
I am currently reading… Harry Potter 4.
I am hoping…
I can come up with a cute theme for Jessica’s birthday party

On my mind…
Pregnant friends, and a coworker who’s son had a really bad case of appendicitis and is in the hospital.

Noticing that…
some people have no concept of how loud they are. (ahem Andrew & Robert!)

Pondering …
When my new cell phone will get here. I really miss having one!
From the kitchen… no clue. Maybe leftover stir-fry from last night. Or soup. Around the house… need to put up some laundry and get the kitchen cleaned. One of my favorite things… blistex.
From my picture journal… I wish it would snow more!

Monday Daybook Happy New Years!

FOR TODAY… January 4 2010

Outside my window… Bright clear skies and frigid temps. It was 15 degrees when I came in to work

I am thinking…about the new year and what I want to get accomplished in 2010.

I am thankful for…Joann Zach

I am wearing... black sweater with Nordic print, a white button down blouse and grey slacks.

I am remembering…how 15 years ago Owen was born. Im not really sure where the time has gone.

I am going…to need a nap when I get home from work. This getting up in the morning thing is brutal when you have been on vacation for 2 weeks.

I am currently reading… nothing but will be starting one from the pile of new books I just got. I just can’t decide which one yet.

I am hoping… that 2010 will be a better year for me and my friends and family. 2009 sort of sucked ass.

On my mind… exercise, eating right, food shopping.

Noticing that… I really don’t miss Diet Coke at all. And that the water at work tastes just fine.

Pondering … what to pack for Laura’s birthday crop on Saturday.

From the kitchen… Fresh salads left over pasta and sauce.

Around the house… still some signs of Christmas. Since we have a fake tree this year no worry about getting it down before it’s a giant match stick.

One of my favorite things… my good leather gloves P got me for my birthday last year. They are just perfect for this frigid weather we are having.

From my picture journal…