Ive' missed my girls!

My Dolly Family As of May 15th, originally uploaded by *redmara*.

I took a bit of a dolly break at the middle of February. Pretty much right after I got done with Perrin the traveling Blythe. I think I was just overwhelmed and had a couple of things go wrong with some customs. Nothing major just enough that it did me in. Plus it was raining pretty much non staop back then.

So I stepped back and worked on other things (no not house work silly....Scrapbooking!)

But those little faces kept staring at me and finally I gave in. I dressed them all last night and took a picture of each of them. I had some new girls I had never taken a single photo of :( I know! bad dolly mama.

So Im back and going to take it slow. not do any crazy 365 or even a doll a week groups. So far so good :)

Vacation + Scrapping Trip =

Lots and Lots of layouts to share :)

Monday Daybook Anniversary Edition

FOR TODAY… May 10, 2010 My 7th Wedding Anniversary!

Outside my window… Just a stunningly beautiful day. 62 and sunny on it’s way up to72.

I am thinking… how this year marks the year where P & I have now been married longer than we were together prior to that.

I am thankful for… P. For all of our problems I really do love this man.

I am wearing… a new dress. White with aqua and green polka dots, sleeveless and a size 16W!! A green wrap and brown boots.

I am remembering… having my dad walk me down the beach getting ready to be married. It was another perfect day much like today.

I am going… to PF Chang’s tonight. One of our fav’s!

I am currently reading… Dearly Devoted Dexter by Jeff Lindsay. I just love this little sociopath!

I am hoping… for a paycheck.

On my mind… family. Family that is gone, family that is far away, family that is not of my blood, and family that I have never met.

Noticing that… I am feeling super creative lately. I am thinking about trying out for Scrap Freak’s design team.

Pondering these words… In sickness and in health.

From the kitchen… tonight PF Changs- this week all sorts of goodies from the grill.

Around the house… slow but steady progress. At least most of the laundry is washed if not put up.

One of my favorite things… lazy weekends spent just relaxing and enjoying each other’s company.