Whats in a number? A measure of success. A milestone. The end of a journey and the beginning of a new one. A testament to good friends. 3.1 miles. A huge accomplishment. A number witnessed and cheered on by one very sleepy but supportive DH. Winning. Pride.

All of that in those 4 digits.

If you had told me a year ago I would be racing (wogging) in a 5K I would have thought you were crazy. But with the support of friends in person and online and the unending encouragement of Tess, she and I crossed the finished line together this past Sunday (and we did it at a run!)

It took a fair amount of hard work on my part and I was waylaid by a host of problems (medical, emotional and other) so I wasn't sure I would even be able to do it. I had set a goal in my head of finishing in under 45 minutes. Even 2 weeks ago it seemed impossible as I was only on week 5 of my couch to 5K program I started in November (yes I realize that puts me 2+ months behind schedule).

Even during the race I had problems. I had been sick with a sinus infection most of the week before the race and couldn't train and then fighting to climb up this giant hill something happened to my lungs. They just stopped allowing me to get a breath in past the top of my chest. And so I had to slow way down. and T right at my side allowed me to set the pace and even take a hit or 2 of her inhaler (which was a huge help!)

But I did it.

We did it.

T and I.

It wasn't pretty on my end but I finished. And beat my goal time.

Now I am looking forward to continuing my training and finding another race to run maybe in May. T has grander ambitions of running the Peachtree (a 10K) and I will be there at the end of it to cheer her on.

And next year Im doing this one again in a kilt (and I will remember to put on sunscreen!)

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  1. tesstrue Says:

    Amen sister!!! I couldn't have said it better myself! I love you!