The big Round up

I realy have a love hate relationship with this blog. I get super excited about it then i get bored or resent feeling like I HAVE to post.

So here is a quick recap of the last :gulp: 3 months.

The big thing is I went on a tour of the Pacific North West and fell head over heels in love with the place. If I could I would move to Portland tomorrow. (I also loved Seattle, and the coasts too). Something about this place just totally resonated with me.

And I didn't just randomly go. I went specifically to attend BlytheCon 2011. I had an absolutely amazing time and spent most of the trip hanging out with Melissa and having an absolute blast getting to know people I had only talked to online. And the dolls. the dolls, dolls, dolls!!! It was overwhelming and fun and exhausting all at the same time. I scored my first ET helmet and met Ruth who was an absolute delight. I met Roz who did one of the classiest things Ive ever seen and stepped back from bidding against me so I could buy my first Sammy Doe. I got to hang out with so many fun people in line before BC and during the event!

And I loved it so much Im planning the next one! Yep Im nuts. Luckily I have tons of help from Erica and Morgan. We are doing it in Dallas at the fabulous Gaylor Texan. It was a HUGE amount of work to get it up and running but we are doing really well and have close to 90 registrants and are just under a year out! Not too shabby! Oh and Lirije did the most amazing logo for us! Maybe if I get skinny enough I can wear a matching outfit!

Oh and I have been scrapping some. Not very much as things have been sort of weird and hectic. Here a re the last couple of layouts I have done:

Next on the horizon: A Blog hop this weekend, more crocheting, more dolling, and soon oh so very soon a trip to see my growing family!! (and maybe some more blogging)

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