My New Obsession

I love every little thing about the TV show (and am devouring the books as quickly as I can buy them). After being a devoted Ann Rice fan and thoroughly enjoying the Twilight series, I was eager to find more Vampire stories. I have always been attracted to their tales and the very folklore itself is just so pervasive across so many cultures part of me has always wondered if it was just a teensy bit possible. I even know several people who claim to be Vampires (hi Vi!)

And so now I have a Tivo loaded full of the first 6 episodes and I watch and re-watch them. From the opening theme song (which I think has the best visuals to ANY TV or movie ever!) to the the scenes from next week clips, I am transported to a world just this side of my own, and I love every minute of being there and am often loathe to leave it.

I figure this latest obsession will tide me over until the Twilight movie comes out November 21.

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