He who hears music, feels his solitude peopled at once. -Robert Browning

Somehow I had gotten away from listening to music. well my music anyways. I had forgotten how much richer my life, my feelings my creativity are when accompanied by a soundtrack.

I know I know how can one forget such a passion. Well it isn't so much that I had forgotten it's that my life has just been inundated with the music of others. Which I thought was fine. Paul and I have enough crossover in our libraries that I thought I was ok. (The fact that there is any crossover is sort of amazing given how eclectic we both are). I am stuck listening to regular commercial radio in my car and haven't really turned any music on in my studio either.

Then I stopped being lazy and actually organized my giant iTunes library. and OH.MY.GOD. How in the world did I think just getting by was ok. Now I listen to my little ipod constantly. In the car, while at lunch, in my studio. Any spare moment I get where I don't need to be listening to other people. If I thought I could somehow listen at work I would in a heart beat.

The music has filled this giant silent void I didn't even consciously realize was there. In the words of Nietzsche "Without music life would be a mistake." It's a mistake I won't soon repeat.

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