WTG #7 Right Now

WTG- Right Now.

For this challenge we had to use a sketch from Diana's Sketchy Thursday blog as well as our usual journaling prompt. I love me some sketches so I had a blast. And because I had sooo much I wanted to capture about my life right now I did a mini album. Using the sketch as a template made the job much less daunting and I LOVE how it turned out. (I still need to take and add a pic to the cover but it's actually all done other than that which is HUGE for me. lol)

Journaling Prompt:

Right Now - while the core of who you are doesn't change, I find that my interests and activities tend to evolve from one year to the next. Take a moment to capture the things you are into RIGHT NOW.

Entertainment: Favorite TV shows, music, movies, websites
Tastes: Foods and drinks you are into right now, clothing styles, products, brands
Activities: Crafts you are working on, hobbies, interests, new routines or habits

(Try for at least 5 different facts about yourself right now! I find a list can work great but its totally your call!)

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