Busy Busy Busy

Ill post my daybook entry in a bit but I wanted to get to the update stuff first.

I have been on staycation which means 2 things:
1. Ive gotten a ton of scrapping done
and 2. I got to see my family!!!!!

I spent a glorious 5 days (wish it could have been longer) visiting with my mom, aunt, brother SIL and the nephews. I had an absolute blast seeing everyone. I am going to try to get up to visit them in Maine at least once more (though Id love to go 2x).

And so I have been totally slacking on the blogging thing. I missed posting several WTG entries and Ive got a ton of new stuff to share. PLUS I am honored to be the guest designer for ScrapFreak's May embellishment kit. I can't post my stuff yet but Ill post sneak peaks in a bit.

Ok so enough chatter. Here are some vacation pics (Ill do scrappy stuff later)

First up Kris. He got a crew cut so he could have "dot" hair like his daddy (who has a shaved head. Boy does he look grown up. No more little boy. He is totally a KID now. A really fun, slightly moody, very sensitive, aunt and gaga loving kid! (Though he certainly didn't mind me carrying all 40lbs of him for hours on end at the zoo!) He is in total HAM mode so it was super hard this trip to get a decent shot of him. I also spent more time enjoying time with the family instead of trying to get a thousand pictures

Next up my little bundle of happiness: Noah. He is usually such a happy little baby (and yes hes still a baby!) 16 months and not yet walking though he stands and will cruise and does this amazing scooting thing that just blew my mind. Whatever works right??? (the las t picture of Noah and I together was taken by Kris who has become quite the little photographer!

I had sooo much fun with the kiddos (and my mom and aunt too!) I can't wait to see them again!

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