WTG #6 Distinguishing Features

WTG #6 Distinguishing features

We all have those features that are a part of us. Something about us physically or visually that is a "distinguishing feature". Something that is part of your look. I can be a unique birthmark (like me), a great smile, your hair, the way you dress, your glasses, your red
toe nails, etc. But little things that are "you". The things that others see, and without it, you would not quite be you. You can do just ONE thing or a SEVERAL.

I of course picked my hair. While I get tempted to cut it short (or at least shorter) I don't think I ever could it is soo my most distinguishing feature!

journaling reads:

Only 1% of the population has red hair. Of tha1% even fewer people have my shade of orange. That's right orange. Not red, not copper not strawberry blonde- orange. I used to hate being the only one with my hair color. I was teased all the time for it. Somewhere around the end of HS/college I learned to love my hair color. Now that its more than half way down my back it certainly has become my distinguishing feature. Mara the proud Orangehead.

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