Monday Daybook Happy Spring!

FOR TODAY… March 22, 2010

Outside my window… grey and blech. It actually snowed this morning. Can’t complain too much it was 70+ on Saturday. Spring is definitely here!

I am thinking… about color. I hate that the house is so colorless. I changed my wardrobe, now to work on P and get him to let me paint something!

I am thankful for… P. He surprised me with tickets to Fiddler on the Roof staring Harvey Fierstein. It was one of the nicest evenings we have spent in a long while!

I am wearing… teal sweater, jeans, black half boots.

I am remembering… I need to get going on the next WTG challenge!

I am going… to take a nap I think.

I am currently reading… The Good, The Bad , The dead by Kim Harrison. More urban fantasy to lose myself in.

I am hoping… that the warm weather comes back soon. I really want to plant a garden.

On my mind… check engine lights

Noticing that… Ive been in a better mood lately. Don’t know why but I will take it.

Pondering these words… wildflower garden

From the kitchen… probably another super salad with all sorts of crazy toppings.

Around the house… O need to clean the kitchen floor. Who ever put white tile in a kitchen should be shot (right along side the idiot who put in white carpet in the living room)

One of my favorite things… Live theater. I totally miss it.

From my picture journal…

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