Sewing 101

About 2 years ago P bought me a very basic sewing machine because he had heard me mention that I would love to be able to make basic things as well as use it for scrapbooking. After breaking 4 needles, finally sloppily hemming a pair of pants, creating a giant knot of thread in my bobbin compartment and finally doing something to completely break the machine I figured it was time to take a lesson. Well that and I am tired of paying $$$$ for basic doll clothes.

So Wednesday after work off to the Atlanta Sewing Center I went for Sewing 101. The instructor Carol was super nice, the class was very small so she she taught us all how to use our specific machines, from bobbin winding to cleaning and maintenance. She even taught us some basic troubleshooting skills when the stitches don't look right.

We were given some scraps of material and told just to play. It was just the right class I needed. Well that and the sewing machine repair so it now runs just fine :)

Here is my first try at sewing. It was fun to play with different lengths and widths of the stitches. I only have these 2 basic ones but I figure it is PLENTY to get me started. If I really get into it I can always upgrade my machine down the road.

The class gave me enough confidence I wan tto try to sew some little bird ornaments and the like. Basically small pillows. Nothing fancy just fun for practice. Then it's off to learn to make doll pants and dresses!

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