So I haven't really been feeling great lately as you all can tell from the prolonged absence. I just haven't been in a scrapping mood. I have been thinking about that a lot lately and realized I need to work on getting my scrap space done. I work in an unfinished basement and while I love love love the amount of space I have (my room is roughly 12'x20') I hate the roughness of it (and really hate the lack of heat now that it's cold down there). We don't have the means to finish it off so I will just need to get creative. I need to paint, reorganize and decorate.

I think being in a space that makes me feel happy will just encourage me to be more creative. I realized how much I missed CRAFTING. Not just scrapbooking but making stuff. I think part of my blahness has been Ive been totally unmotivated to scrap and that translated to not doing anything creative. When I don't use that outlet it just generally makes me more depressed. So I have been working on several crafty non scrapbooking projects and have been much happier.

I am taking a sewing class tomorrow night so I can finally learn how to use the sewing machine P got me almost 3 years ago. I've been super inspired by some of the adorable projects on Blair Peter's blog which has led me to think long and hard about what style I want not just in my studio but in the house in general. Too much of my house is done in non colors and I think it's bringing me down.

So I have a semi-new color palette for my studio and have started some cute decor projects as well as at least fabric covering the exposed insulation, pipes and beams in the ceiling. I realize I have lots of storage stuff that really isn't working the way it needs to so I will be boxing it up to sell. That should clear off some room to work at least.

I also realized I need a more or less permanent well lit spot to take dolly pics. BAsically I just need to reconfigure pretty much everything lol.

But I know it will be worth it. I plan on really getting into it on my Christmas break which can not get here quickly enough.

So thats it for now. Ill keep posting as things move along. Ill also be posting more general life stuff as I want all my stuff in one place. Very much a reduce and simplify motto moving forward :)

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