Scrapbooking Milestone

Ok I know this is going to sound so basic and surprising to some of you out there- but I JUST for the first time ever filled an entire scrapbooking album!!!!

I know I know! I am such a slacker and for soooo many years I have been way more of a shopper than a scrapbooker but I am really working on that.

It was such a little thing but it meant the world to me. I didn't even realize it happened as I just had layouts sort of laying all around my studio. When I went to clean everything up I put them into an album and- Voila! One full album! I even had a couple that didn't fit!

Ive had a gift card to Joann's that I have been hoarding forever. I treated myself to 2 new 12x12 American Crafts 3 ring albums and some page protectors (and more cropper hopper photo boxes so I can start moving my families photos out of those horrible magnetic glue albums from the 70s).

I will have to take a pic of my stuffed album tonight. It's all about the baby steps!

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