Get Meaningful Lesson 8

Lesson 8 - Another Photographer
I thought we would mix it up just a little week and work on something that I've been pushing myself to do lately. This week's lesson is going to be about using photos that you haven't taken. Whether they be older photos that may have been passed down to you; pictures that were taken at a group event; pictures at an event where you didn't attend; or just random photos that you really like, but didn't take.

I know I am posting lesson 8 before lesson 7 (although both are super late.) I have lesson 7 done I just need to do the journaling.

My take on Lesson 8 is a photo of my grandmother and I was totally inspired by this blog post I did about her.

PP- Basic Grey Boxer and Vagabond
Chipboard alphas- Basic Grey and Chip Chatter
Hambly transparency
Jenni Bowlin library card
Grungeboard swirls
Eureka Stamps paintbrush stamp

1 Response to "Get Meaningful Lesson 8"

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