ok I haven't fallen off the face of the earth....

I have actually just been super busy. Working on the house and actually scrapbooking! I know!!!!! Shocking isn't it.

I spent one whole weekend cleaning out our garage. Who knew 2 people could have so.much.stuff. I donated 30 lawn sized trash bags off old clothes and linens, and took everything out of cardboard boxes, and re packaged the remaining stuff into Rubbermaid totes. I wish I had taken before pictures (i know bad scrapper!). The transformation is amazing.

We found a ton of older electronics and computer stuff we are slowly listing on ebay and will be selling a TON of older scrap crap as well.

On the home front we have been tidying up the yard and DH even planted a small lettuce and carrot patch so we can grow food to feed the wild rabbits n our yard. I mean could he be any sweeter?!?!?!

We have been feeding our birds too and are really toying with the idea of taking steps to make a real wildlife sanctuary in our backyard. And maybe even add some sort of water feature. Time and budget will tell.

This past weekend was ScrapFreak's second Birthday bash and online crop. I swear I get more done during their events than I do at any other time during the year. I think a large part of that has to do with scrapping at home vs out with my friends. Part of it has to do with the distraction of having a fantastic time chatting but a much larger part is not having all my stuff around me.

It was super great to print off my sketch, find and edit my photo and print it to whatever size I needed then walk around my studio gathering up what supplies I needed for that specific project. MUCH easier than trying to guess in advnace what I may or may not need.

10 Things i learned from this past weekend...

1- the more I scrap the easier it gets. I am so rusty that even the plainest layouts seem to take me forever!
2- It takes just as much time to find, edit and print pics sometimes as it does to make the page
3- I REALLY like (and there for must buy) pre-made journaling spots
4- I love to journal but not always on the layout. i HATE my handwriting and if there is a story to tell I can always write it on the back of the page.
5- If you don't stop to pee you get more done
6- If you don't turn on the TV and get sucked into watching a movie you get more done
7- I totally need more practice adding embellishments to pages. It comes naturally on cards. On pages not so much.
8- I'm getting better at mixing paper manufacturers so it's not all matchy matchy (which I love but need to break out from)
9- Sometimes looking through old photos of people you have lost can be hard emotionally.
10- All of this is only possible because of the exceptionally supportive atmosphere on the Freak!!!!!

So there you have it a quick recap of the last month. I will post pics of the projects I have done this week :)

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