Whew- I need a weekend to relax from my weekend!

I had an uber fun and productive weekend!

Friday night my DH surprised me by taking me to the Gwinnett County fair. While nothing overly exciting or special about this fair, we both just love the whole atmosphere- the rides, the games, the food!

We even got the opportunity to handle some sugar gliders. I think we were both amazed and impressed at how cuddly and friendly they seemed to be even being handle by the masses at the fair. Fortunately cooler heads prevailed and we didn't get a set (since of course they do better in pairs.) The $400 a piece price tag helped too. For those of you who may not be familiar this is what they look like:

Saturday was my spend all day crafting day! I haven't sat down and made cards in a while and with the holiday season fast approaching it was time to start getting down to business. I knocked out 28 various occasion cards and did some planning for my Stampin Up workshop this coming weekend. I was so tired that I didn't take pics so I will post them later. I still haven't settled on designs for Christmas card sets this year but I need to finalize those pretty soon as well.

Sunday was the standard housecleaning, get ready for work, do some electronics rewiring, go on a brief outing to Costco and lunch sort of day. My husband found a really cool possible Christmas present for my nephew.
He has very fond memories of riding one just like it as a boy. I think with a 2 year old and another set to be born in Dec it might be a great investment for a way for the boys to play inside during the cold Maine winters.

Its hard to believe that the holiday season really is right around the corner but it is. Somehow this year has just FLOWN by! Next thing on the agenda- start digging out Halloween decorations!

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