Slacking Again...

Sorry I haven't posted in so long. I spent almost an entire week in New York visiting with my brother Aleks, SIL Tiffany and my ever delightful nephew Kristopher. It was Kris' 3rd birthday. I hate living so far with them so I just absolutely treasured every second I was there.

Kris is just an adorable little boy who loved to read (well he would drag out every book he owned and insist I read them to him -his favorite by far was Dr Suess' My Many Colored Days) and play on his new "computer" we bought him for his birthday. We got him the Leapfrog clickstart computer you hook to a TV since they only had a laptop and he is still a little too rough to play nice with it.
It was really amazing to watch him learn how to mouse- something we as adults just take for granted. It took him just a few hours of intermittent play to figure out that the cursor and his hand movements were connected and how to then click on what he wanted. He loved several of the built in games as well as the Nemo cartridge we got him.

I also got a chance to see a friend from High School who I had lost touch with over the years. She was several years behind me but we still became very close friends and she also shared a very close friendship with Aleks as well. It was amazing how much and yet how little we had all changed. It was an absolutely wonderful way to spend an afternoon!

I will post pics as soon as I get a chance to work on them. Oh and speaking of pictures- Kristopher LOVES to take photographs as well- and some of them are actually quite good. I will have to share those as well. It was a real trip to see the world through his eyes- what he thought was important- the different perspective of someone who is only 3' tall etc. I found it very eye opening. My mom actually bought him a small digital camera of his own to encourage him in his pursuits.

So now that I have come down from my trip and recovered a bit on housework and bills and such- I hope to get back to posting more regularly. Next Up - I HAVE to get ready for my Stamp Club meeting on Sept 20th, start gearing up for Christmas card season and last and most importantly- Not loose my mind waiting for my Disney Trip on 10/4!!!

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