My studio my sanctuary...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE my studio. Even more so now that it has air conditioning! And of course that means I can start having people over! Well 2 people anyways. lol

I had this little mini album that I was going to use for some Disney pictures (I know how IN-side the box. lol). Instead being nice and cool I felt inspired to create a little ode to my joy!

As soon as I get photos back from the printer I will add them and upload a completed project.

4 Response to "My studio my sanctuary..."

  1. Jessica Bree Thompson Says:

    LOVE it so far! I love the fun mix of product with such a cool mono chromatic theme! Awesome job :)

  2. Krissy Says:

    This is awesome, can't wait to see it with the pics!!

    I left you something on my blog!!!

  3. La- Says:

    WHat a cool idea! Love it!


  4. KathiK Says:

    What a cool project - love the orange*ness* of it all!