Good Mail Day

Today I didn't get stamps, or embellishments or even more paper. Not even computer goodies.

Today I received the best mail a gal could get! Pictures of her adorable nephew!

Of course I think he is the cutest little boy in the world! He is wearing his first set of Mickey ears I bought in January 07. I figure the picture was taken not too long after that. And my mom even managed to get a little piece of herself in the photo!

Have I mentioned that getting to see pictures of my nephew is like pulling teeth?

I absolutley hate living so far from the rest of my family. I am missing my nephew's childhood. And now that my SIL is expecting again I am even more sad.

I wish I was a gazillionaire and could move them closer or fly to New York once a month. Right now I am lucky if I see them all once a year which just breaks my heart.

Still a good day and now I have his smiling little face sitting on my desk just brightening my day!

1 Response to "Good Mail Day"

  1. tesstrue Says:

    What a cutie!!! I completely understand how you feel. With the 2 nieces so far away, I feel like I'm missing so much. Then again, with the 5 maniacs here, I feel like I see too much. =oP C'est la vie!