Some Success, Some Failures and some Exciting Scrappy News!

Just a quick recap of what Ive been doing:

Im still "running" and training for the Couch to 5k. Though I had to restart week 1 this week. I got midway through week 2 but had too much knee/shin pain so I am going back and starting over. I did most of my running outside but now that it's below 30 when I get home at night Im running on my treadmill in the garage; which while cold is still much warmer than outside. I am counting this a victory as other than missing one run in 3 weeks due to injury I have kept at it. I still suck but I am doing it.

I finished all the journaling on my Daily Gratitude journal for November. Now i just need to put it all together.

I am working on a December Daily. I am not actually putting anything in the album yet as I find it easier to take pics and do my journaling every day and then actually put it all together at the end.

I totally failed at my dolly 365. my camera battery and card reader died at the same time right around day 12. I know I suck. This is my third attempt and third failure. My life just doesn't allow me to do this right now. Maybe if I get a new itouch for Christmas so I can take pics on the go it might be different.

And the exciting news! ScrapFreak is closing (I know Im soooo sad) Jess and I decided to make a scrapbook challenge forum and combine the best of the freak with the best of WTG! so coming this week Ill be at Creative Soup! I invite everyone to come join us. Right now we are just chatting and getting to know one another and might have one mini challenge before things kick off in Jan.

I hope to see some of you there!

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