2010 Another Year In The Books

I can not believe this year is over. It really does seem to have just flown by. I have no idea with most of this year other than I know it was a roller coaster.

It ends on a bit of a low note. I am sick in bed with laryngitis and a nasty cold and we are still waiting on the final results from the myriad of Dr's P has seen in the last 2 weeks.

On the bright side I am starting my new years with scrapbooking and friends to set the tone for the year!

Here are some highlights from 2010:

Jan: kick off Who's that girl Design team. It really pushed me to create something every month!

Feb: Kim's visit to Atlanta, I get to see some of DaVinci's work in person, New lights and outlets = no more cold dark studio!, Lots and lots of scrapbooking!

Mar: Winning a GDT spot on Scrap Freak, Buying a Kindle,
Alice in Wonderland in 3d, Fiddler on the Roof in a theater, nasty fall down the stairs

April: First trip of the year to see my family! This time off to PA to visit at moms house and celebrate Easter. Kristopher has a buzz cut and gone are the little boy days!

May: Blythe Break is officially over! our 7th wedding anniversary

June: Off to Maine to celebrate Alek's birthday and spend even more time with the kiddos. I make a vow to see them at least 3x a year if not more!

July: Annual 4th of July get together with the inlaws (Patirck is almost as tall as Paul!), midnight showing for Eclipse with Blythe in tow!

Aug: A super hot summer, lots of Blythe meets!

Sept: Lots of Blythe fun, Went to japanfest and it made me realize how much i miss Shinkendo. Several new girls including my first "investment doll"

Oct: Back to Maine for the final trip of the year. I feel like the boys finally remember me one visit to the next

Nov: I turn 38. Yellow River Game ranch trip, birthday crop, I start "running"!!! and Les Miz turns 25.

Dec: Fun with friends who treat me like family, bonding with Bella, a flexible work schedule!

So there it is just a brief recap :) See y'all next year!

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