Monday Daybook- Rabbit Rabbit!

FOR TODAY… Feb 1 2010 (we always tried to say rabbit rabbit as the first words when it was the first of the month for good luck. I have no idea where it started but i twas my families little superstition!)

Outside my window… Sort of sunny, a little warmer at 49 than it was this weekend.

I am thinking… that I am going to quit my doll a day stuff. The pressure has just sucked the joy out of it plus I just don’t have the time :(

I am thankful for… a friendship that doesn’t depend on constant contact or proximity to be true.

I am wearing… my ON teal dress, black leggings, black boots and the scarf my IL’s gave me.

I am remembering… that I HAVE to stop off at home depot and buy a light fixture.

I am going… to dinner with Jess. Maybe.

I am currently reading… still nothing. I’m trying to get better at sleeping which means less reading.

I am hoping… that Wednesday goes smoothly and that I soon will have better light and heat in the studio!

On my mind… where I will take little Perrin the world traveling Blythe!

Noticing that… I looked a little thinner on Sat. Maybe it was the clothes but I felt I looked good (well better) which I will totally take!

Pondering these words… curls, hair dye, hair cut

From the kitchen… dinner out tonight if not more lean cuisine.

Around the house… got some laundry to put up and move the last few things for the electrician.

One of my favorite things… diet cranberry juice.

From my picture journal…

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