How to store an Art Store's worth of assorted markers and pencils....

My beloved grandmother was an AMAZING artist and I have been coloring and painting since before I could read or write. So over the years I have accumulated a ton of assorted colored pencils and markers (and paint and various other art supplies and crayons etc....)

As my collection grew I struggled with how to store them in such a way that they were easily accessible and still relatively portable now that I go to crops and host Stampin Up workshops. Added to this was I now had some markers that did better stored horizontally where as in the past most of my storage attempts were vertical.

Then one day on the way to a crop I threw a handful of my Copics into a clear Stampin Up box that comes with ever stamp set and Voila! A solution is born!

The second to largest of their clear cases are PERFECT if you need to store longer markers like Tombow and for new Prismacolor pencils. As you can see Im a bit of a glutton when it comes to coloring implements so some colors-like red, green and blue take up 2 cases. But it's still super easy to drop them into my tote bag and go.

The cases are sitting on a shoe shelf I picked up at Target for $12 or so and it sits on my desktop. This way everything is super close at hand and its very easy to find just the right color for a project once I use my color guide I will showcase tomorrow.

Better still - the cases are in essence free since I had been holding on to them knowing I would eventually find a use for them. Cheap and green! My favorite combination!

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  1. Bobbi's Book Nook Says:

    Great ideas!