How a crafter spends Friday night...

No...not on a hot date... well I was hot as my studio has no air conditioning. lol

I spent all Friday night and sometime Saturday as well trying to find a place for the assorted scrap and stamp crap we all accumulate: punches, embossing powder, assorted tools etc.

I came across a scrap room on two peas in a bucket where some fantastically clever pea had simply lined the front of her Steralite storage drawers to match her room. WOW what a huge difference this simple touch makes in terms of how they look in a space.

I didn't have to glue the paper in place- there is a little lip on the inside that holds the paper perfectly in place so if i get bored with them I can switch out the paper!

Now the these labels I did spend time on- and they took forever, but I am happy with the way they came out so it was worth it. I don't like my handwriting and I wanted a bolder look than handwriting could provide. So I dug through my rub-on basket and discovered that I had 2 practically full American Crafts Rub-ons (well its actually not surprising that they were practically new or that I had managed to buy two of them). The frame is a Sassafras Lass stamp that I hand cut out. The ink is one of my favorites- Burnt Sienna Palette ink.
Oh the carts themselves I found at Target and were like $15 on sale.

Even my usually non observant husband came in and immediately complimented the way they looked so I guess I did ok :) I still need to figure out what I'm going to put in the last few drawers but I sure I'll come up with something!

4 Response to "How a crafter spends Friday night..."

  1. Sue Says:

    very nice!

  2. tesstrue... Says:

    rock on, woman! some day i'll have as much stuff as you and i can organize it like you and then i can be just like you...

    see, you're not the ONLY stalker! ;oP

  3. Krissy Says:

    Woohoo!! I love it! I can't wait to get mine done. I haven't found paper that jumps out at me though LOL...You know how anal I am about stuff like that!!

    Can't wait to see more pics!!

  4. Jodi Says:

    Great job! Love the idea. Thanks for the HPH .jpg (above)!