My wonderful vacation

I went to Bethlehem PA to celebrate my moms birthday and had the best vacation I have had in a long long time. It was the perfect trip at the perfect time (despite it being frigid!)

We went to the casino, visited downtown a little bit, had wonderful meals both dining out and dining in (Mom even made me Frikadelu soup a favorite from my choldhood. I think I ate 5 bowls over the course of the weekend). I even bought my exercise gear and went to the local YMCA. Which is in this fabulous HUGE older building where you can actually still rent rooms! I had one of the best Zumba classes ever.

I also discovered EVERYTHING is about 10 minutes from my moms house. Food, entertainment, the airport, shopping you name it- it's 10 minutes away!

I spent part of our trip helping my mom stuff bears that she does for the local hospital. They hand these out to kids who are staying there. I had such a fun time doing it even though I had a small allergic reaction to the poly fill. I finally had to stop at 12 stuffed bears.

I am already making plans to go back sometime this spring!

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