Observations of a fat girl...

Ive been overweight most of my life (I had a 3 year skinny period from the age of 23-26). I have struggled with eating disorders, and just regular bad eating habits. Im also a super picky eater and love nothing more than sitting on the couch reading a good book (or eating a tub of ice cream).

Last year my DH showed me this IMAGE of a body scan comparing a 250lb woman to a 120lb woman (warning it's pretty graphic). It did actually scare the living crap out of me. So on Jan first we went on a diet together. I started going to Zumba and watching what I ate. I did really really well for 3 months then pretty much stopped.

I started back up in Oct and to date Ive lost ~25lbs this year.

Which is great.

And soooo not enough. Im still considered morbidly obese. So I started really paying attention to skinny people. Most of them do one or all of these things: They eat yogurt for snacks, they do pilates or yoga and almost every single one of them run.

I hate yogurt, I can't touch my toes, but I figure even my 2 year old nephew can run so I figured, no more excuses. Im going to do it. Bad knees and all. It aint going to be pretty but luckily it gets dark early so hopefully I won't scare too many of my neighbors.

Im doing the couch to 5k program with the goal of actually running in a 5k this spring. The goal isn't to win or even to run super fast, I just want to finish.

So there I said it out loud. In public. So Im accountable.

I started tonight. Its 55 and drizzling and I did it. I went out and did the first days program (28 minutes of exercise 8 minutes of that is running).

And you know what. It felt pretty good

Oh and a huge thanks to La for sharing her super inspirational journey! If I can be half as dedicated as she is I will consider this a success

Thanks for letting me share.

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