WTG - 16 At Bat

This challenge was to pick out a theme song. Something we identify with or has some meaning to us. I have always loved this song as sort of a personal anthem (though Im trying to loose weight again so hopefully Ill be a smaller fat bottomed girl soon!)

Here's the prompt:
At Bat - I remember my first live baseball game (The Braves here in Atlanta) and I was confused by the short snippets of songs they played as each player came out to bat... until my friend explained its the song the player chose as "his". My favorite radio morning show here in Atlanta does the same thing... when certain people make an appearance on the show, they play their "song" to introduce them. Some of the choices are obvious (like "Jessica Shops", a segment on the best deals in town, is a song related to shopping), while others are more about the attitude or vibe of the song. This WTG challenge is a bit more creative than some! Choose your at bat song so to speak and tell us why. It can a song that fits how you feel about life right now, a song that speaks to you deeply, or the song that in your fantasy world would play every time you walked into a room.

And My take on it:

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