Storytelling Challenge - In the Background

My dear friend Jessica who is on the Scrap Freak design Team posted this wonderful challenge:
"When I look through my childhood photos, I often notice random, and not so random, things in the background of the photos... the furniture, the house, my toys. While these things can be distracting at times (and worthy of being cropped out), they also can have a story of their own.

Too often, we all now end up with perfect photos where the only thing you see is the subject of the photo. What little "background" things will you wish you had photographed one day?"

When I was going through an old photo album I stumbled across this picture and new it was just perfect for this challenge.

The hidden journaling clipped behind the photo reads" This picture was taken during my first visit to the Statue of Liberty when I was 2.5. They like my dad were always there growing up- Just part of the scenery.

As we know the towers fell on 9/11 and I lost my dad in 2006. I had the same sort of numbness both times. I just couldn't believe they were actually gone forever."

That's my dad holding me and my cousin Nikki in the foreground.
Supplies: Bazzill CS
PP_ Making Memories, October Afternoon
Journaling spots- Making memories, Stamped spot on cardboard.
Alphas- Making Memories and American Crafts.

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